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Who We Are

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Pamela gave her life to Christ at an early age, but made her profession of faith at age 13. She overcame massive odds to follow Him to the Cross of Salvation!

At age 8, she encountered God in a fire where she saw herself working with children in Africa one day. She  began going on mission trips within the USA, and she took her first trip abroad at 17 to Iceland and England with Teen Missions International.

Brian and Pamela met at Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the Youth Evangelism Explosion in December of 1991. It was almost love at first site, and they were ever together after this. Pamela moved from Florida one month later to be near him. They served at Lindrith Baptist Youth and Children together for the next couple of years. They married in January of 1994 at Hoffmantown.  For the first decade of marriage, they served as youth Pastors in Albuquerque.


In 1997, they had an encounter through a gentleman that Brian met at Promise Keeper’s that would change the course of their lives. Through this African American brother, the baptism of the Holy Spirit would take place. For Pamela it was that year, Brian received in 1998.  They began to work in more charismatic churches and ministries. IT was also in 1998 they fasted for 40 days for direction from God about their future, as they felt a stirring for a geographical location change. It was in this fast that God spoke to them one word many times waiting on the LORD.  “California.”  Also at this time, they met a man who would be integral in the next years of their life, Robert Oh.


In August 2001, with Pamela expecting their fourth child in a month, Brian, Pamela, and their three young children moved to Los Angeles to serve Robert and Jenny Oh at Oikos Ministries. Together, they pioneered and planted two churches. Pueblo Oikos Church  was located in the Pueblo Del Rio housing projects of South Central LA, and consisted of an amazing team and up to 300 youth.  It was planted in January 2002. In 2003, USC OIkos Church was planted at the University of Southern California among a group of amazing students. The two churches thrived with fellowship cross pollinating them both. Eventually the congregations merged. This time was most valuable as Robert Oh personally mentored Brian and Pamela on a weekly basis. Many people were saved and discipled in this era. Both Brian and Pamela began to travel internationally under Robert Oh’s leadership, to Africa, Asia and Europe.


In 2006, Brian and Pamela felt the call of God to foreign missions. In September of that year, they launched into Ireland and worked with houses of prayer, bringing peace between the British and Irish, and speaking wherever the door opened. The fondest memories they have of this time was the CS Lewis festivals at Christmastime, and outreaching to the Irish travelers.


In 2007, because Benjamin, their youngest, was not thriving, they returned to America. They planted the USC House of Prayer where they served for the next 3 years, and they also planted an English speaking congregation “Joshua Generation,” at a Korean Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.


In 2008, Brian and Pamela both went to Zimbabwe on separate trips. God highlighted Zimbabwe to them in 2007, and at the Santa Monica pier, they actually met a lady from Zimbabwe that had invited them to come. The economic situation there was dire, and the WMF said it was the poorest country in the world at that time, It was during Pamela’s trip that Heidi Baker ordained them into Iris Global in her tent in the bush of Mozambique in the middle of the night in June 2008. In 2010, Heidi did a public ordination for us just before they moved to Africa! Brian and Pamela have cherished the relationship with Iris Global and have served by that ordination since that time.


Then in January of 2010, after miracles of many sorts the Jourden family moved to our beloved Zimbabwe.  For the first year, there were some mistakes and cultural adjustments. One location, Epworth in Harare the capital, stood out to us. The needs were abundant, but our first church plant there failed. For one year, we drove by this area called “Balancing Rocks.” It was in Pamela’s heart to go these people who had their houses destroyed to make way for a foreign warehouse! This made them squatters, on what was their own land before. The team brought bread to pass out on Easter 2011. At that time, they met Linda Malunga, (she is now our national director!) who gave them part of her property to build a church on. About a year after this, a school was started with 300 children under her mango tree. The ministry efforts in Zimbabwe have continued since this time and now stretch across the country.


In 2013, an unfortunate event drove 22 internationals from the Generation Won Iris Zimbabwe base. This event also made the Jourden’s a target in the nation, so after a summer in Europe and Mozambique, they moved to Cape Town, South Africa. For the next three years, they commuted to Zimbabwe and worked with the youth in the township of Ocean View, Cape Town.


In 2016, a mental health issue with one of their children used the Jourden’s to move back to the United States.  There have been many trips back to Zimbabwe and South Africa to equip, plant and grow the ministry that God has entrusted to them.


The year 2018 was very difficult for the whole family, as Brian and Pamela’s beloved son Bryson passed away. He fell off the mountainside in Cape Town, where he was studying at YWAM to become a missionary and help his parents continue the work of God in Africa.


In 2019, Pamela started dialysis and is still waiting for a kidney transplant that may happen soon. Also during this trial, Cyclone Idai hit an area in Zimbabwe called Chimanimani. This  tragedy killed thousands. Brian and a team went in to administer humanitarian aid and preach the gospel.  We now have a work in the area.


The pandemic in 2020 was a huge time of growth for Generation Won in Zimbabwe. Daily the ministry fed up to 5000 children at the height of the Corona virus. Before this we fed about 300 daily.  We planted five new sites across the country of Zimbabwe. Brian, is also heavily involved in working with The Navajo Nation, bringing relief to the worst hit people group in America.


What we do


Passing out food:


We have been feeding children at our schools since 2011. With the pandemic in 2020, we started cooking meals for all the children in our communities who were hungry. God told us to say yes to everyone who came, and we were feeding upwards of 5000 people everyday, turning no one away. Our leader in Iris Global, Heidi Baker, suggested we pass out food for the families to be able to cook for themselves as the country opened back up. This is our strategy now, as we continue to cook food daily for thousands of students.




Primary Schools:


in 2012, we started out first school with 300 children under a mango tree in Balancing Rocks in Epworth, a high density suburb of the capital of Harare. Since that time, we have started three schools in Binga, and two in Rusape. During the pandemic, we had to start two new feeding sites in Epworth. These are now being turned into schools at Ushingi and Rufaro. We held a teacher training in April 2021 to train 20 new teachers. We will also be starting a school on our new farm in Seke, and Chimanimani as of May 2021.


Our first school in Pakistan started in April 2021 among indentured servants working in brick kilns half the entire day. The children work making bricks to help clear a debt their parents own. Our goal is to educate them and eventually win their freedom.


High Schools:


In Balancing Rocks. Tandi, and Seke we are running High schools and University level programs for the young people of Zimbabwe. 60% of the children of Zimbabwe do not go to high school (grade 8-12) because the cost of secondary school is up to ten times the amount of primary school. We use the “Edubox,” created by our partner “Equalearning.” These, train our students in GED level education that they can use to get into any university in Africa and beyond.




Currently, we are running satellite programs with our partner “Vision International University.” All of our leaders are going through the university course, which focuses heavily on discipleship in its disciplines. The accreditation hails from Australia, and is welcome in the commonwealth countries.





In the last 8 months, we have had a building spree in Zimbabwe. We have needed a school house in Balancing Rocks for some time, and we finished our 8 classroom building for the Shumba Junior School and Shumba High School Academy.  We also our currently finishing schools in Ushingi, Rufaro, Seke, and seeking land to build two in Chimanimani.


Church Buildings:


We have also just completed a beautiful church building in Balancing Rocks that also serves as the house for the creche and the sewing project. In Tandi, we are finding a church sanctuary to serve the community.


African Education Consortium:


With our partner Dorian Slingers, we are building a consortium of leaders whose desire it is to start schools in their nations.  The first Zoom meeting had 8 nations represented


10,000 Arrows Memorial


The Great Navajo Nation and First Nation ministry of the Americas


Ministry into Europe Through the UK & Normandy, France, also Ireland.

Generation Won started May 1, 2007. It was the dream of Brian and Pamela Jourden to see as many people come to Christ in a generation as possible. They also wanted to see people living in their God-given destiny, fulfilling the purpose God created them for. With 15 years of ministry experience together before they began Generation Won, The calling to start the ministry they had was to the Last, the Least and the Lost. The heart cry of Brian and Pamela was that God would take them to the forgotten, and the broken, to lost people no one else wanted to help.


Brian and Pamela Jourden have been married 27 years, and have four naturally born children, 4 adopted children, two grandchildren and one on the way.


Brian accepted Christ in his life at the age 15. He had a powerful conversion in the battle for his soul! He was sports enthusiast in high school and college, playing multiple disciplines. In college at Texas Tech, he was the chaplain of his fraternity. In March of 1992, he received his calling to preach the gospel, and was appointed the youth pastor at Lindrith Baptist Church as a youth pastor not 4 weeks later.


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